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2019 Press Release

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — CT Energy Holdings, LLC announced this month the arrival of its newest technology for truckers, the MPG Plus II. Designed, assembled and manufactured in the U.S., the device boasts a 6 to 8 percent improvement in fuel mileage, making it unlike any other device of its kind.  Read More

Trucking Companies see 22%-36% of OR tied to Fuel Cost

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Lower Diesel MPG in Winter a fact!

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“I run a small fleet of trucks, and fuel is always our greatest expense, The savings that the MPG Plus II brought me have far surpassed what I even thought possible. Since installing it, we’ve seen 15 percent fuel cost savings and reduced our fuel use by 317 gallons per month per truck. This technology is truly industry-changing, especially for us smaller trucking fleets.

Judy I. CTE Customer