Reduced Fuel Consumption

As of June of 2019, the average price of diesel fuel in the United States was $3.00 plus per gallon.  A price that goes relatively unnoticed by a large percentage of the public, but not to the American trucker.  On average, both small fleets and large fleets see the majority of their monthly expenses dedicated to fuel.  This is a necessary expense to keep your company running, but with our patented, data-proven technology, you can now reduce your overall fuel expense by consuming less fuel and getting the most out of your dollar.  The DieselMAXX has continued to prove that saving anywhere from 5 to 8 % on fuel expenses is possible!

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Return on Investment

Our goal is simple: provide a product that saves you money at the pump as well as generates continued savings to provide a quick return on investment.  Our product has been tested and proven to provide continued savings and allow you to see a return on your investment after three to eight months of using our product. 

Easy Installation

Our product is designed to keep you on the road longer and not stop you from creating revenue.  Our product installation is completed and ready between 45 and 90 minutes.  With valid instructions and support, you can have your truck back on the road to success with little down time.